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Holiday! Celebrate!

Hm, Christmas holidays are coming up in one week.

I have one week to borrow an estimate of at least 50 books.

Oh what fun.

The way that I usually combat this is by dragging an unwilling friend into the library and have them pick books at random.

The most common reply they receive is “Read it.”

Some times they actually shock me and pick out books that I actually like. Rarely, though.

So, my current holiday pile is :

    • Jatta – Jenny Hale
    • The Society of S – Susan Hubbard
    • Golden – Cameron Dokey
    • The Crimson Thread – Suzanne Weyn
    • Snow – Tracy Lynn
    • The Storyteller’s Daughter – Cameron Dokey
    • Midnight Pearls – Debbie Viguie`
    • Beauty Sleep – Cameron Dokey

All apart from the first two I listed are in the same series, Once upon a time. Yes, they are re-told fairytales. I like fairytales.

One of the benefits of it being close to Christmas is that I too, can capitalise on the very much retail run and profited holiday. I can justify handing over a list filled with books.

I’ve decided to go for a new thing this year. Instead of listing books I adore and must own, I’ve shortlisted an accumulated number of titles that I have not yet read. It’s risky. What if I don’t like the book? What if, what if, what if.

I think I’ll go for the risk. I mean really, I can’t say no to the prospects of fresh fantasy books.



Spells–Aprilynne Pike

I just finished reading Spells.

I have read the first in the proposed trilogy, Wings, and wasn’t too impressed. Another Spells US Coverbook, Illusions, is due for release May, 2011.

Forgive me, but I prefer my faerie books so that they follow the good ol’ myths and folklore.

Not when they turn out to be plants – in all their photosynthesizing and blossoming glory.

All in all, I’d say that Spells is much better put together than Wings. I recommend re reading the first book, or reading them in quick succession, as Spells does not spend much time re capping the first novel, and relies on the basis that the first book can be remembered.

Laurel is not much of an ordinary girl. Her human boyfriend, human best friend and human parents seem normal. It’s her that is a faerie Changeling, which in Spells is defined as a Fae child living in the human world under human parental care. Laurel is being stalked out by Trolls, the villains that make their return from Wings. She is to enrol in the Academy, located in Avalon – Faerieland—in order to be further educated about being a Fall Faerie. Her guide and relief from the hard work that is require at the Academy is Tamani, a lowly Spring faerie who provides our competition for the all-human David. The trolls stir up some trouble, Laurel manages to annoy everyone – including me.

She doesn’t seem to learn anything. It’s frustrating. She needs things explained to her several times, under the guise of different phrasing. Fall faeries are meant to be revered for their knowledge and intuition. She doesn’t display either trait very clearly.

It could just be me holding onto my beloved folklore tales and faerie myths. It could be that I tend to support the human+inhuman relationship.

Whichever the reason, it was a decent enough novel, being fairly easy to finish and not so terrible as my complaints make out to be.


Preamble, Books… Dragons?

Hello, and welcome to my first post!

I’m Taz, you may remember me from such times as… well, there haven’t really been any other times. Not to worry, not to worry.

I am a teenager that reads a whole heap of fantasy books. As in, it’s now November and I have finished reading 137 books.

I don’t fit into a premade category. Unless there is a category of sarcastic, smart arse accident prone punks.

See? Just a whole string of adjectives. No category for me.


I think that I can be sufficiently excused for my ranting, it is almost midnight and I haven’t exactly been getting the most healthy amount of recommended sleep.

Oh well. I hope that any other avid YA fantasy readers can find some books from my mutterings. Which is pretty much the reason I’ve made a blog.

You see, I read super quick, as in, I can be compared to a ninja in that respect. And I like reading. So, simple policy of supply and demand, I guess. I like finding new books. I very rarely buy them, unless they are so amazing that I feel if I don’t permanently own them, I will implode / spontaneously combust.


So, I get my books from the library. Two libraries, one being local, the other my school library which is disappointedly lacking in fantasy. They go for more of the, ‘Wow, an all girls school means they need books about teenage issues’.


I discover most of my books from the beloved Amazon ‘Customers who bought this item also bought…’

It is an amazing section.


Okay, I’m thinking of halting my late in the night rambles and trying to make the blog look decent. Then possibly delve into the world of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Which I’m only re-reading so that I can watch the movie and continuously state how much better the book is.

I know right.


One love, rasta(s?)