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Mailbag Monday #2


Look at my pickings up from the library! Yaay!

My first impressions :

Blue Bloods / Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz –I was just reading Blue Bloods, which is the first novel of the series. I picked it up because it was well referred on amazon.

Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol.1 adaption by Kim – I decided that I like graphic novels, and at the library, all they had was Artemis Fowl or Twilight. Now, normally, Artemis would win, but since I’ve already read that one, I went for twilight. Eck.

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer – This book was on my christmas list, so I decided that I may as well read it, since I’m not getting any books on that list. (The injustice of it!)

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare – Heh, I’m re-reading, since I finished Bones, and there were no Ashes in sight.

The Night Dance – I thought it was part of the Once Upon A Time series, but apparently it only shares the style of cover art.

White Cat by Holly Black – I’ve been waiting for this since I heard news of it being published, but again with the injustice of no christmas list.

Beauty by Robin McKinley – It seems to be everyone’s favourite retold fairytale on Goodreads, so I’ll give it a bash..

And there we have it. Cheerio!




I’ve seen the light!

I hate it when I’m wrong. Then I need to do the whole awkward explanation of how I was wrong and what I’ve learned.

Winter's PassageA few posts back I was ranting about how my library didn’t have the novella Winter’s Passage by Julie Kagawa. I even went to the trouble to link it to the Goodreads page, but it didn’t click that hey; it’s an ebook! And it’s for free! (And here’s the link for those who are curious).

It’s all so obvious now!

So, I just had to install the Firefox .epub add on, and have the novella  nice and loaded for when I have the time to read it, which is not now unfortunately, since I just finished The Iron Queen, and it’s 00:50, so there’s another spanner in the works.

But instead of sleep, which I need, I’m going to sit here and watch Aladdin, then Pocahontas, and if I’m still awake, I’ll move on to re watching Misfits, a television show I’d only recommend to those who like the gritty, dirty stuff. It’s strange, but it’s addicting. And has Robert Sheehan… I might skip Aladdin and just watch Cherrybomb…



Drag Queen

Currently Reading: The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

Tortall and Other Lands, a collection of short stories by Tamora Pierce is published! Including old and new short stories, my plan is buying it as soon as I see it. (Possibly need to find new major bookshop since Borders and Angus and Robertson is on the way out… )

The first, full chapter of City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare is available for reading on her site.

On the subject of the next three books; I think it’s dragging the series out a bit too much.

Now seguing into dragged-out series, Maximum Ride. The SEVENTH book, Angel was released this month. I don’t think I’m going to read it. I’m with the anti books four-five-six movement, and believe that the first three were great. Enter environment protection. Yech.

Now for me to continue cutting out outlines of White Pony, an album by the Deftones. I’ve seen them live. And I’m using the pony outline for the cover of my Studio Arts book. Yaay!




Mailbag Monday



So, I figure I can adapt this regular part of other book blogs, of those fortunate enough to be able to order books over that internet machine of theirs. Along with this movement to bring this segment to my blog, I propose to rant less and post more important things about the actual books.

I can’t say I won’t rant though.

So, in my ‘mailbag’, which is really mostly books I’ve picked up from the library, there is:

  • Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey (ha!)
  • Crescendo – Becca Fitzpatrick
  • City of Bones – Cassandra Clare (re reading)
  • So Yesterday – Scott Westerfeld (op shop pick up, re reading)
  • Iron Queen – Julie Kagawa
  • Iron Daughter – Julie Kagawa

Now, So Yesterday is my latest pick up from an op shop, because I do love cheap, good condition books. And Crescendo I didn’t technically get this week, but I haven’t finished it yet so I may as well include it.

Farewell and good reading to you all!



Gossip, Angels and Rage

Ed Westwick is recording the audiobook for City of Fallen Angels.

Yes, I am the least thought of person when one thinks of those who watch Gossip Girl. And yes, I have watched up til the 4th season. I liked watching it when I was doing something, (since I had the entire series on my external hard drive, however, I can’t watch them anymore) but I am quite interested in this audiobook. And I have a normally strong dislike of audiobooks.

Other than that, I finally am reading Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick. It’s a frustrating novel. No, I’m not going to complain about the main protagonist (who really is a bit of a ditz). Angel books don’t really interest me for some reason. (Wow, don’t I sound slightly hypocritical, when just above I was almost fangirling over a novel titled City of Fallen Angels…)

Speaking of hypocritical, today at school, I was told off for my piercings… by a teacher who had identical piercings to me. I then overhear her reprimanding another student, saying “Teachers need to abide by them same rules as students”. This being said whilst the teacher’s face is caked with foundation and her eyelashes clumping with mascara. And her two piercings in each ear. RAAAGE!

Really. This is an outrage!

Okay, I’m now going to watch a whole heap of Disney movies that I have lined up – Starting with Snow White and working my way through to Tangled. I don’t have every movie that falls between, and some I have on VHS, which my new fully-sik television can’t seem to handle the VHS player…

So no Lion King or Little Mermaid. Shattered…



Liar–Justine Larbalestier Review

*Note* This was a review I had to do for school Book Week, in August ‘10. That’s why it’s a lot more formal than any other review I tend to post on this blog. *

Liar - Justine LarbalestierLiar is a novel that follows the story of the unreliable narrator, Micah. From the first page she admits to the reader that she is a liar and her word cannot be trusted, but promises that throughout the tale she tells, the reader will hear the truth, with no more omissions or lies.

Micah provides examples of only some of the lies she has told, discussing them but being unable to provide the reasons for leading the believers on. She explains the history of herself, her family and her school, notifying the reader of how she never has fit in at school which leads to the main plot of the book.

Liar is about the aftermath of Micah’s secret boyfriend’s mysterious death. The students at Micah’s school know of her history with untruths and are suspecting of her involvement with Zach’s death. What adds to their suspicions more is the discovery that Micah and Zach were actually dating, considering how Zach already had one public girlfriend. Micah swears that she did not murder him, but no one believes her—Micah, being the outcast and notorious liar.

Throughout the book, Micah reveals the truth that contradicts the information that she tells the reader early on, thus confirming that you cannot believe everything that Micah says. The book is also split into parts and further split into sections focussing on ‘Before’, ‘After’, ‘History of Me’ and more.
This means that the story is not neatly organised into beginning, middle and end. Micah gradually reveals dark secrets about her own life and her family, giving the reader all the more reason to doubt her claims.

Liar is a Fantasy/Mystery novel with a suspenseful plot idea that provides the fascinating dilemma of whether to trust the self-proclaimed liar that is telling the story or to sort through the lies to get to the truth. The way the author has structured the storyline means that you just have to keep reading, even if you’re not enjoying the book, just to find out what happens. The themes featured in the book include honesty, relationships, maturing and family. Micah seems like a real character, however much unreliable. She had depth and a mysteriousness to her which leaves the reader needing to know what really happened.

Liar was a highly interesting book that is best for readers aged 15 and older. It gives a different perspective on the narrator and leaving you puzzling out the truth through the lies given to you by the psychologically complex main character.

Apologies served with a Blanket Review


That’s pretty much what I thought when I saw that I know suddenly have Dragonflight by Anne Mcaffrey waiting under my reservations at the library.

For those that don’t know why I had this reaction, perhaps refer to this.

It seems as though I was terribly wrong about that librarian. Sigh. If I remembered what she looked like, I would make an effort to be extra nice and compliant with her.  Reservations_thumb1But, to the librarian that was ever so annoying on that day, I apologise. You are back up there with the super-librarian respect level. Possibly making the Top 10. (I don’t actually have one of those lists… don’t worry, doubting readers Winking smile)

To see what else I have on reserve, there’s a screenshot to the left. Dragonflight is highlighted. Just because I was bored. It made me hip, like bad ass.

I also finished Unearthly. It was average, kind unearthly australiaof typical YA fantasy. It didn’t really stand out for me, although I don’t like novels that are half set at a high school. (Mostly because they’re always American high schools, and I don’t understand half of how the system of their schooling works.) The characters to me seemed flat, I couldn’t make myself believe that they could be a real person. Oh, and in my last post when I said there was no sequel on the horizon for Cynthia Hand, I was wrong. Book 2, the sequel of Unearthly is going to be called Hallowed, which is to be expected in 2012. Even though I found Unearthly kind of average, I’ll most likely read the sequel when it’s out and about.

Clockwork Angel I enjoyed a lot more, though it’s really disconcerting reading books like Before I Die or Fire. C’mon, make the link between the three. It’s half the reason BID freaked me out. But Clockwork, I think I will enjoy the Infernal Devices more than the Mortal Instruments. I certainly liked Clockwork Angel more. Even with it’s almost cliff hanger ending. The sequel, Clockwork Prince  is expected for a September ‘11 release.

51YsUdc9-rLI haven’t been reading much of Promise of the Wolves, but I think I will tonight. Whilst at the library, I picked up The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. I’ve been waiting for so long for my library to get the series, and they did! Hooray!

So soon to be arriving is Iron Daughter and Iron Queen. Unfortunately, no one told the library of the kind of-not-really-prequel-type-story-other-book-in-the-middle-of-the-series, Winter’s Passage. I may need to notify them so that situation can be fixed.

It seems that the library went on a mass book buying spree, so it’s freshly stocked with YA fantasy a-plenty.


…in other news, this post has taken me 2 hours to finish. I’ve been doing other things, obviously, but I found that a bit shocking.


~T (00:42)