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Socially Acceptable Behaviours.

/is laughing maniacally

So, Firefox decided to throw a hissy fit for a while, and Goodreads loaded in extremely funky ways. I finally got fed up enough to switch to Safari, and Cassandra Clare replied to my comment.

Oh happy days!

I asked whether an Australian leg of the CoFA tour was on the horizon, and yes, yes it is. Everyone shall be looking forward to May.

I do plan to go, so hopefully the location will be nice and local. I’m not sure how to go about attending one of these though. I get that you bring (the author’s) books for signing… it would be a bit weird if you bought along totally unrelated books.

But what do you say? Do you just generally release your fangirl worries about the characters, plot etc? Wouldn’t the author be so bored of hearing all variations of “ZOMG, I LURRVE (insert main male character’s name here) HE IZ SA SA HAWWT!!!1!!11!!ONE!!!1!!” Perhaps with more hyperventilation?

Are you allowed to raise the annoying points of the over all storyline? To abuse and hate on specific characters? Pretty much the reverse of the fangirling action seen above?

Now I need to see if I can drag along a few friend’s that read. I guess it’s customary for the friend that is bought along to have read the books.

I now bid you all farewell, as I go off to ponder the socially acceptable behaviour at a book signing.




Darkness, Shading and Trips

I’ve added a widget, where you can read the beginning of Melissa Marr’s final installment into the Wicked Lovely series, DARKEST MERCY. It will be online for a short period of time. Or you could just, you know, buy the book…

Other news; I read Nightshade. I found it so frustrating, the protagonist is a fierce personality, but she’s pushed around a lot. It means I’ll be expecting a whole heap of character development in the sequel Wolfsbane

I also leafed through Twilight; The Graphic Novel Volume One. Pfsht, why can’t they just release all the volumes in one MEGA volume? But I like the illustrations. Not so much the story.

Now to go design some logos. YEAH, funsies. My company is a travel agency called ‘WONDERLAND TRIPS’. I want the tagline to be “we’ll get you trippin’!” But I think that might mean my teacher could be onto me. My Client’s name is initialled L.C.D, for those who aren’t catching my little joke up there Winking smile.