Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Stayin Alive…

I really feel like reading some sort of ridiculous action novel. Or assassins. Possibly both.

At the moment, I can’t think of a ridiculous action novel with assassins. I can think of ridiculous action books, though.

I define ridiculous action as a book where the character has fully sick martial art skillz that killz, some sort of ex-military background, has a team of still fully sick people, but not as fully sick as that protagonist. Then there’ll have to be the personal vendettas that were formed from back in the military days. “So and So left me to die. Now they die. BANGBANG!”

So kind of Kill Bill, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft ish.

Or, Matthew Reilly.

Whenever I go to op shops, there are always Matthew Reilly novels. Or always the big hardcover crime/mystery/action books.

Anyway, I’m going through this handy Goodreads list of Heros/Heroines who are assassins.

And I also have Posthuman – Marilyn Manson stuck in my head. I don’t really know why.

In more unrelated news, I’m knitting myself a jumper. What’s that? I’ve only ever finished one scarf? And started countless other projects that have ben discarded after the first day?
But my jumper is going to have cables, and sleeves, and a back, and a front, and a v-neckline. And it’s going to be cream.

And I wish that I was cold, just so I could make myself hot chocolate.
And my formal is next week. (Formal, prom, whatever you want to call it. Whichever one, it sounds better than “ENTIRE YEAR LEVEL PARTY TIME”).

Okay. I am quite hyper. Hence the need for some action books. Alternatively, I’m going to watch Saturday Night Fever. Or Grease. Looking at knitting patterns from the 80s gets me in a John Travolta mood. (HEY, I COULD WATCH PULP FICTION!! John Travolta, action, violence, mob connections… it’s all there!! (and mostly because I don’t actually have Kill Bill on DVD. Darrrn)

Okay, enough of the mindless ranting.




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