Heart Still Won’t Settle

Ah, it’s been so long.

So, recently I’ve read The Dark Devine by Bree Despain. This book was on the infamous List Of Books I Wanted For Christmas But Never Received.
I’m happy that I didn’t get it. It wasn’t great, nor does it belong in my burn-it shelf on Goodreads. I’ll read the sequel when I have nothing else to read and time to spare.

Time to spare. Sigh. I remember when I had that luxury. Right now, I’m a week away from mid-semester exams. After spending my Careers class (which is a joke, it is just a name for our free period, so that parents can be under the impression that we are always working) making several lists of my subject study priority order, and cross-referencing it with my Order of Give a Fuck, I came up with my final top 3; Italian, Maths and Health & Physical Education. Though I don’t really care about maths, but I suck so much at algebra (the unit for the term) that I need to be able to understand enough to pass the exam. I’ll be dropping maths next year, so all shall be well. I don’t know why I was forced ot purchase a $200 calculator though. Italian I’m pretty good at, though my grammar sucks. Non parlo italiano molte bene. Studio is my Studio Art, and I’m in the advanced class. So I am definitely not wanting to stuff up.

Okay, with that out of my system, back to books.
I read the first three books of Strange Angels, which when I picked them up from the library, I thought it was just a trilogy. No. It’s not. It’s a five book series. I liked the first book a lot, but the third one annoyed me. The second was average. I reserved the 4th and 5th (which is yet to be released) so I’ll read them when they come.

I also picked up Thirst #1 by Christopher Pike, which is the first three books starting The Last Vampire to Red Dice. I’m a bit into Black Blood now, though I’ve put it down for a few days because of the whole exam shenanigans.

Also, with this other library I’m now joined with, I have come to the conclusion that the librarians are rude. Back at my local library, my image of a librarian was created with smiles, new recommendations and pretty darn amazing service, no matter how much I complain. At this other library, I’m pretty much ignored. Even when they’re scanning my books. Possibly because I am always there in my school uniform as I go after school. And end up getting home after 17:00 because the silly bus is always late.

Hey, speaking of late, it’s 2:02 am. That sucks. I’m getting up in five hours.
I probably won’t get to sleep for another half hour. Grr.




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