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Mailbag Monday #2


Look at my pickings up from the library! Yaay!

My first impressions :

Blue Bloods / Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz –I was just reading Blue Bloods, which is the first novel of the series. I picked it up because it was well referred on amazon.

Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol.1 adaption by Kim – I decided that I like graphic novels, and at the library, all they had was Artemis Fowl or Twilight. Now, normally, Artemis would win, but since I’ve already read that one, I went for twilight. Eck.

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer – This book was on my christmas list, so I decided that I may as well read it, since I’m not getting any books on that list. (The injustice of it!)

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare – Heh, I’m re-reading, since I finished Bones, and there were no Ashes in sight.

The Night Dance – I thought it was part of the Once Upon A Time series, but apparently it only shares the style of cover art.

White Cat by Holly Black – I’ve been waiting for this since I heard news of it being published, but again with the injustice of no christmas list.

Beauty by Robin McKinley – It seems to be everyone’s favourite retold fairytale on Goodreads, so I’ll give it a bash..

And there we have it. Cheerio!




Mailbag Monday



So, I figure I can adapt this regular part of other book blogs, of those fortunate enough to be able to order books over that internet machine of theirs. Along with this movement to bring this segment to my blog, I propose to rant less and post more important things about the actual books.

I can’t say I won’t rant though.

So, in my ‘mailbag’, which is really mostly books I’ve picked up from the library, there is:

  • Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey (ha!)
  • Crescendo – Becca Fitzpatrick
  • City of Bones – Cassandra Clare (re reading)
  • So Yesterday – Scott Westerfeld (op shop pick up, re reading)
  • Iron Queen – Julie Kagawa
  • Iron Daughter – Julie Kagawa

Now, So Yesterday is my latest pick up from an op shop, because I do love cheap, good condition books. And Crescendo I didn’t technically get this week, but I haven’t finished it yet so I may as well include it.

Farewell and good reading to you all!