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So. Now that we can clearly see how much I fail at staying active, I think we can continue.

I’ve been reading a lot of Sookie Stackhouse lately, the series that inspired True Blood. I’m so far up to book seven, which I plan to begin reading shortly.

I’ve already watched all the episodes of the TV show. It’s pretty good, and it has Alexander Skasgard who is well. He’s fairly good looking.

I also read Inheritance, the last offering to the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. It’s incredibly satisfying when predictions come true, but also a bit disappointing. Thankfully not all my predictions actually came true, hooray! There were still a few things I was annoyed at, however.
Like The Menoa Tree.
It was a tad anti-climactic.
I don’t know, I found the novel as a whole not great. It just seemed… unfinished to me, not the ending, I was expecting that, but there are so many loose ends that were given a quick fix, if that at all.

After reading Inheritance, I decided belatedly to read the other books in the series, but as I was busy studying for exams at the time, I got Eragon on audiobook. It took an incredibly long time to get through it, and I couldn’t help but think of how I would have finished the entire series four times over while I was listening to it. I honestly can’t be bothered getting the rest of the series on audiobook however, it takes too long. It did manage to put me to sleep each night, however, so that was soothing.

I am also procrastinating re reading Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn series so I can read the newest release. Have you seen the length? It’s daunting, even for me.

But, with school holidays comes books that I’ll be studying next year that I need to read, these being A View from the Bridge, by Arthur Miller, Home by Larissa Behrendt and The Road, of which I need to find out who the author is so I can actually buy it…
Anyway, I’ve bored myself enough. Farewell!



Books, Glorious Books…

My mother believes that I only read books on vampires. Only vampires, no other odd creatures in the mix. It is this belief that made her go out and buy 5 books for me.

These being:

Admittedly, the latter is not a vamp book.  I have already read the Meyer novella, when it was free on the internet. I am yet to even begin on the Vampire Academy books, but I now own the last one.

I don’t like not having the entire series. I might be okay with it if I have the first few books, but otherwise no siree. Really, having the last book sucks. Now I need to track down the five other books before Last Sacrifice so I can read it.

My mother also can’t differentiate between young adult books and adult books. Hence the Undead and Uneasy.

Anyway, my plan is to leave school early tomorrow to return to the shop she bought the books from, because the reason she got them in the first place was not only in an effort to try to show me that she doesn’t mind my head being filled with dead things, but because the books were super cheap.

Also, as mentioned in my last post, I joined the other library. Hooray! I also bought The Named by Marianne Curley, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Juno of Taris by Fleur Beale and Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey. So I’ve been pretty much cashing in on books lately. Which is quite odd. Mostly due to the fact that my entire stock f books comes from the library the majority of the time. Another thing; I HAVE LOST MY LIBRARY CARD! No idea where it is, which is a bummer because there are books waiting for me. So I want to kind of coerce the librarians into giving me a new card.

Okay, I’ve ranted the socks off you enough. Back to snoozing whilst watching Daria. Hooray!



Apologies and Fluff


Okay, so I haven’t been all that attentive to my blog lately. I could list things that caused my mutterings on books to take the back seat, but some other time perhaps.

Now, I need to share my grand plan of bringing more books to me!

I join another library!! There’s one right on my bus route, with more books than my local library! This is groundbreaking stuff!

The thing is, I need to convince a parent to come along with me, because I’m under 18. Why the library needs a parental signature and everything is unclear. I don’t really care though.

So I plan to tempt my mother to go op shopping, because the library is down the road from the op shop. Mother likes op shops. I like libraries. Win, win win!

In other news, I need to get to a Borders before all their stock is gone, since they’ve gone bankrupt or something, I didn’t really follow what happened specifically. But it means cheap books.

I’m also quite sick at the moment, and have a really annoying cough. But I’m on school holidays. And I have holiday homework. Mostly for my art subjects. Meaning that for one subject I have to draw apples and pears, and in another I  need to research Christian Dior. Woo! Fun homework at last!

And last night, I could not sleep. At all. So I finished reading all the books in my pile, including Entice by Carrie Jones. I really liked it, and will put the series on my wishlist. The book made me feel like travelling.

Now to go spend my internet time downloading Daria. #fangirlingovertrentlane



Socially Acceptable Behaviours.

/is laughing maniacally

So, Firefox decided to throw a hissy fit for a while, and Goodreads loaded in extremely funky ways. I finally got fed up enough to switch to Safari, and Cassandra Clare replied to my comment.

Oh happy days!

I asked whether an Australian leg of the CoFA tour was on the horizon, and yes, yes it is. Everyone shall be looking forward to May.

I do plan to go, so hopefully the location will be nice and local. I’m not sure how to go about attending one of these though. I get that you bring (the author’s) books for signing… it would be a bit weird if you bought along totally unrelated books.

But what do you say? Do you just generally release your fangirl worries about the characters, plot etc? Wouldn’t the author be so bored of hearing all variations of “ZOMG, I LURRVE (insert main male character’s name here) HE IZ SA SA HAWWT!!!1!!11!!ONE!!!1!!” Perhaps with more hyperventilation?

Are you allowed to raise the annoying points of the over all storyline? To abuse and hate on specific characters? Pretty much the reverse of the fangirling action seen above?

Now I need to see if I can drag along a few friend’s that read. I guess it’s customary for the friend that is bought along to have read the books.

I now bid you all farewell, as I go off to ponder the socially acceptable behaviour at a book signing.



Darkness, Shading and Trips

I’ve added a widget, where you can read the beginning of Melissa Marr’s final installment into the Wicked Lovely series, DARKEST MERCY. It will be online for a short period of time. Or you could just, you know, buy the book…

Other news; I read Nightshade. I found it so frustrating, the protagonist is a fierce personality, but she’s pushed around a lot. It means I’ll be expecting a whole heap of character development in the sequel Wolfsbane

I also leafed through Twilight; The Graphic Novel Volume One. Pfsht, why can’t they just release all the volumes in one MEGA volume? But I like the illustrations. Not so much the story.

Now to go design some logos. YEAH, funsies. My company is a travel agency called ‘WONDERLAND TRIPS’. I want the tagline to be “we’ll get you trippin’!” But I think that might mean my teacher could be onto me. My Client’s name is initialled L.C.D, for those who aren’t catching my little joke up there Winking smile.



I’ve seen the light!

I hate it when I’m wrong. Then I need to do the whole awkward explanation of how I was wrong and what I’ve learned.

Winter's PassageA few posts back I was ranting about how my library didn’t have the novella Winter’s Passage by Julie Kagawa. I even went to the trouble to link it to the Goodreads page, but it didn’t click that hey; it’s an ebook! And it’s for free! (And here’s the link for those who are curious).

It’s all so obvious now!

So, I just had to install the Firefox .epub add on, and have the novella  nice and loaded for when I have the time to read it, which is not now unfortunately, since I just finished The Iron Queen, and it’s 00:50, so there’s another spanner in the works.

But instead of sleep, which I need, I’m going to sit here and watch Aladdin, then Pocahontas, and if I’m still awake, I’ll move on to re watching Misfits, a television show I’d only recommend to those who like the gritty, dirty stuff. It’s strange, but it’s addicting. And has Robert Sheehan… I might skip Aladdin and just watch Cherrybomb…



Drag Queen

Currently Reading: The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

Tortall and Other Lands, a collection of short stories by Tamora Pierce is published! Including old and new short stories, my plan is buying it as soon as I see it. (Possibly need to find new major bookshop since Borders and Angus and Robertson is on the way out… )

The first, full chapter of City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare is available for reading on her site.

On the subject of the next three books; I think it’s dragging the series out a bit too much.

Now seguing into dragged-out series, Maximum Ride. The SEVENTH book, Angel was released this month. I don’t think I’m going to read it. I’m with the anti books four-five-six movement, and believe that the first three were great. Enter environment protection. Yech.

Now for me to continue cutting out outlines of White Pony, an album by the Deftones. I’ve seen them live. And I’m using the pony outline for the cover of my Studio Arts book. Yaay!