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Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Stayin Alive…

I really feel like reading some sort of ridiculous action novel. Or assassins. Possibly both.

At the moment, I can’t think of a ridiculous action novel with assassins. I can think of ridiculous action books, though.

I define ridiculous action as a book where the character has fully sick martial art skillz that killz, some sort of ex-military background, has a team of still fully sick people, but not as fully sick as that protagonist. Then there’ll have to be the personal vendettas that were formed from back in the military days. “So and So left me to die. Now they die. BANGBANG!”

So kind of Kill Bill, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft ish.

Or, Matthew Reilly.

Whenever I go to op shops, there are always Matthew Reilly novels. Or always the big hardcover crime/mystery/action books.

Anyway, I’m going through this handy Goodreads list of Heros/Heroines who are assassins.

And I also have Posthuman – Marilyn Manson stuck in my head. I don’t really know why.

In more unrelated news, I’m knitting myself a jumper. What’s that? I’ve only ever finished one scarf? And started countless other projects that have ben discarded after the first day?
But my jumper is going to have cables, and sleeves, and a back, and a front, and a v-neckline. And it’s going to be cream.

And I wish that I was cold, just so I could make myself hot chocolate.
And my formal is next week. (Formal, prom, whatever you want to call it. Whichever one, it sounds better than “ENTIRE YEAR LEVEL PARTY TIME”).

Okay. I am quite hyper. Hence the need for some action books. Alternatively, I’m going to watch Saturday Night Fever. Or Grease. Looking at knitting patterns from the 80s gets me in a John Travolta mood. (HEY, I COULD WATCH PULP FICTION!! John Travolta, action, violence, mob connections… it’s all there!! (and mostly because I don’t actually have Kill Bill on DVD. Darrrn)

Okay, enough of the mindless ranting.




Completely unrelated to books. Just ranting.

I can’t vent on tumblr. Or twitter. Or facebook. So, my dear wordpress, in your obscure way, I can safely say I can rant my face off here.
WARNING: filled with angsty petty problems that have no real effect on life.

This is pretty much all about Black Veil Brides. And one friend in particular that is really REALLY annoying me.
The tale begins last October, when this friend (let her be known as A) and I went out to the movies to watch Paranormal Activity 2. Another friend bought a poster magazine that had BVB in it, so she gave the poster to me cos she knew I liked them. Particularly the lead. Andy. Omnomnom sex on legs.
Now, A said that they all looked like girls. I didn’t say anything. I mean, it didn’t really bother me, if she didn’t like the band, well, I didn’t care. I did, so it was fine with me if she didn’t.
Later on, around Halloween ish, A had a Halloween Party. Which was pretty much a night where we stayed up and watched horror movies. During one of the more innocent type movies (Corpse Bride. We decided on a break from the in your face gore.) I was showing my Very Best Friend (many times mentioned before here) a BVB video. She liked them.
Then we can skip forward to this year, when BVB were on the cover of Kerrang! Magazine. Whilst out and about with A, I bought the magazine, where she again made a comment about how he looked like a girl.
Also this year, my Very Best Friend has never been to an actual concert where moshing is available. Both A and I wanted to rectify that, because really, she has to experience it. I told Very Best Friend whilst A was there about how BVB were touring in Australia later this year. I asked A if she wanted to come. She said “Why would I want to go see a band I don’t even like”. Very Best Friend and I decided that we could go with each other.
Now, enter a few days ago, when BVB were confirmed to Soundwave Revolution. I was pretty much hyperventilating. So were a few other friends that liked them.
One friend, who shall be referred to as C came up to me whilst I was with A and we were discussing BVB indepth.
A suddenly says that she agrees, Andy is sexy. She joins in the conversation. I point out that on countless occasions, she has said he looks like a woman. But no, it seems in order to impress C, A is all of a sudden a major fan.
Today, she came to school with their entire album on her iPod. She took mine so she could watch the music videos and look at the pictures of Andy I have saved on there. To talk to others about how great he is.

I. Really. Strongly. Dislike. Hypocrites.

Okay, I can understand if she changed her mind. That’s fine. But to act as if she has loved and adored them all along, no.
ARGHHHH that makes me extremely angry.

Preamble, Books… Dragons?

Hello, and welcome to my first post!

I’m Taz, you may remember me from such times as… well, there haven’t really been any other times. Not to worry, not to worry.

I am a teenager that reads a whole heap of fantasy books. As in, it’s now November and I have finished reading 137 books.

I don’t fit into a premade category. Unless there is a category of sarcastic, smart arse accident prone punks.

See? Just a whole string of adjectives. No category for me.


I think that I can be sufficiently excused for my ranting, it is almost midnight and I haven’t exactly been getting the most healthy amount of recommended sleep.

Oh well. I hope that any other avid YA fantasy readers can find some books from my mutterings. Which is pretty much the reason I’ve made a blog.

You see, I read super quick, as in, I can be compared to a ninja in that respect. And I like reading. So, simple policy of supply and demand, I guess. I like finding new books. I very rarely buy them, unless they are so amazing that I feel if I don’t permanently own them, I will implode / spontaneously combust.


So, I get my books from the library. Two libraries, one being local, the other my school library which is disappointedly lacking in fantasy. They go for more of the, ‘Wow, an all girls school means they need books about teenage issues’.


I discover most of my books from the beloved Amazon ‘Customers who bought this item also bought…’

It is an amazing section.


Okay, I’m thinking of halting my late in the night rambles and trying to make the blog look decent. Then possibly delve into the world of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Which I’m only re-reading so that I can watch the movie and continuously state how much better the book is.

I know right.


One love, rasta(s?)