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So. Now that we can clearly see how much I fail at staying active, I think we can continue.

I’ve been reading a lot of Sookie Stackhouse lately, the series that inspired True Blood. I’m so far up to book seven, which I plan to begin reading shortly.

I’ve already watched all the episodes of the TV show. It’s pretty good, and it has Alexander Skasgard who is well. He’s fairly good looking.

I also read Inheritance, the last offering to the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. It’s incredibly satisfying when predictions come true, but also a bit disappointing. Thankfully not all my predictions actually came true, hooray! There were still a few things I was annoyed at, however.
Like The Menoa Tree.
It was a tad anti-climactic.
I don’t know, I found the novel as a whole not great. It just seemed… unfinished to me, not the ending, I was expecting that, but there are so many loose ends that were given a quick fix, if that at all.

After reading Inheritance, I decided belatedly to read the other books in the series, but as I was busy studying for exams at the time, I got Eragon on audiobook. It took an incredibly long time to get through it, and I couldn’t help but think of how I would have finished the entire series four times over while I was listening to it. I honestly can’t be bothered getting the rest of the series on audiobook however, it takes too long. It did manage to put me to sleep each night, however, so that was soothing.

I am also procrastinating re reading Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn series so I can read the newest release. Have you seen the length? It’s daunting, even for me.

But, with school holidays comes books that I’ll be studying next year that I need to read, these being A View from the Bridge, by Arthur Miller, Home by Larissa Behrendt and The Road, of which I need to find out who the author is so I can actually buy it…
Anyway, I’ve bored myself enough. Farewell!



Audiobooks, Rashes and Shopping

I’m rather annoyed.

That Christmas list, largely made up of books, well, hasn’t been ordered yet. And apparently won’t be ordered. Why? Because I don’t get to bed early.



Arghh. That is super annoying.

Today was a rather good day for books. First, I stopped off at the library to pick up some books that I had reserved – Including Torment by Lauren Kate on audio tape. I don’t know how I feel about audiobooks. It’s going to take 9 hours to finish. I could finish the actual hard copy book in less than a third of that. 2 hours, tops.

The most recent audiobook that I have experienced was A Certain Slant of Light. I mostly listened to it while I was just going to sleep.

The reason why I had to get the audio copy of Torment was because the three hardcopies had an average of 10 people waiting before me. Since I’m not exactly the most patient person, I chose the quickest form.

I also browsed through the pitiful teenage fiction collection. It is literally one rack. Most of the books on said rack are there because of me, I’d just like to point out.

After going to the library, I had to stop by the chemist because the other day I found that a certain brand of sunscreen I seem to be allergic to. So my arms are covered in a really bad rash that looks like ‘german measles’ according to my mother. I had to pick up some Intensive Vitamin E. It is amazing stuff – anyone suffering from funky rashes, I highly recommend.

I then visited the op shop, browsing the books. A lot of Robert Ludlum and other hard cover sci fi / crime / mystery books. I did manage to find some good ol’ YA fantasy, as well as some very good condition discworld novels. Yesss.

I also got a lamp. It’s not a lamp, why do people call genie lamps lamps? Really, they look mAbstract Teapot or Genie Lamp? ore like a teapot… Anyway, this is a pretty awesome kind of abstract gold-coated brass teapot thing. I really like it, even if I did have to break my general rule of not spending over $10 in an op shop. Oh well…

So, with my stockpile replenished for now, I bid you a happy new year.


Farewell, kind sirs and madams.