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To skip, or not to skip?

shadowkissI’ve pretty much devoured reading the rest of the Vampire Academy series. Here’s the annoying thing, though: I’m missing the fifth book.

I have the sixth book. To skip, or not to skip?

I have Spirit Bound reserved at the library. I’m considering throwing my ‘I hate buying books in the middle of a series’ mindset out the window.

Sigh. Such a stressful life, right?

The annoying thing is that I don’t have anything else to read at the moment. I’ve been meaning to raid the school library, but I’ve been avoiding it because all bar one of those librarians are scary. Possibly stalkers. They’re the only people in the entire school that actually sit in front of their computer and watch people on the cameras. Eeeeek.

Also, Goodreads says I’m 8% ahead of my goal of reading 150 books this year. That’s a blood promisenifty tool.

Grrr. it’s only 23:00, and I have no book to read. This is a dire situation. I don’t feel like watching a movie. I could go for a healthy GTA session. Run down innocent bystanders, drive motorcycle passengers off a cliff… that sort of thing.

(Hey, am I in the mood to play GTA because Niko Bellic is Russian? So is Dimitri in Vampy Academy? How’s that for psycho analysis?)




Socially Acceptable Behaviours.

/is laughing maniacally

So, Firefox decided to throw a hissy fit for a while, and Goodreads loaded in extremely funky ways. I finally got fed up enough to switch to Safari, and Cassandra Clare replied to my comment.

Oh happy days!

I asked whether an Australian leg of the CoFA tour was on the horizon, and yes, yes it is. Everyone shall be looking forward to May.

I do plan to go, so hopefully the location will be nice and local. I’m not sure how to go about attending one of these though. I get that you bring (the author’s) books for signing… it would be a bit weird if you bought along totally unrelated books.

But what do you say? Do you just generally release your fangirl worries about the characters, plot etc? Wouldn’t the author be so bored of hearing all variations of “ZOMG, I LURRVE (insert main male character’s name here) HE IZ SA SA HAWWT!!!1!!11!!ONE!!!1!!” Perhaps with more hyperventilation?

Are you allowed to raise the annoying points of the over all storyline? To abuse and hate on specific characters? Pretty much the reverse of the fangirling action seen above?

Now I need to see if I can drag along a few friend’s that read. I guess it’s customary for the friend that is bought along to have read the books.

I now bid you all farewell, as I go off to ponder the socially acceptable behaviour at a book signing.



Wanted: Friends

I need a job. Yes, I am unemployed. But one of the main reasons I would love to actually have a job is so that I could buy books over the internet. That is possibly where the majority of whatever it is that I would earn will be spent on.

I also just signed up to Amazon, after finding out that it can recommend me more books based on what I view. Handy!

I also remembered to check my Goodreads, even with the page not loading correctly. It may just be Firefox, as the site is in all it’s glory on Safari. I really need to install Chrome onto my laptop, only every time I try, the installing just cuts out.

Back to Goodreads, I shall be taking part in the 2011 Reading Challenge. I may as well, since I already keep track of the books I read on a Word Document, but now I can have a bit of healthy competition. Goodreads keeps telling me that I need friends. Don’t make me resort to offering baked goods to bribe people to be my friend.

I’d also like to point out that I’ve signed into Goodreads 3 times, tops, so I have not yet had the chance to add every book I have read. I also need to remember to add in the date I finished them, from now on.

Goodreads keeps reminding me that I have no friends. It’s kind of awkward. Just putting it out there… Winking smile