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Holiday! Celebrate!

Hm, Christmas holidays are coming up in one week.

I have one week to borrow an estimate of at least 50 books.

Oh what fun.

The way that I usually combat this is by dragging an unwilling friend into the library and have them pick books at random.

The most common reply they receive is “Read it.”

Some times they actually shock me and pick out books that I actually like. Rarely, though.

So, my current holiday pile is :

    • Jatta – Jenny Hale
    • The Society of S – Susan Hubbard
    • Golden – Cameron Dokey
    • The Crimson Thread – Suzanne Weyn
    • Snow – Tracy Lynn
    • The Storyteller’s Daughter – Cameron Dokey
    • Midnight Pearls – Debbie Viguie`
    • Beauty Sleep – Cameron Dokey

All apart from the first two I listed are in the same series, Once upon a time. Yes, they are re-told fairytales. I like fairytales.

One of the benefits of it being close to Christmas is that I too, can capitalise on the very much retail run and profited holiday. I can justify handing over a list filled with books.

I’ve decided to go for a new thing this year. Instead of listing books I adore and must own, I’ve shortlisted an accumulated number of titles that I have not yet read. It’s risky. What if I don’t like the book? What if, what if, what if.

I think I’ll go for the risk. I mean really, I can’t say no to the prospects of fresh fantasy books.