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To skip, or not to skip?

shadowkissI’ve pretty much devoured reading the rest of the Vampire Academy series. Here’s the annoying thing, though: I’m missing the fifth book.

I have the sixth book. To skip, or not to skip?

I have Spirit Bound reserved at the library. I’m considering throwing my ‘I hate buying books in the middle of a series’ mindset out the window.

Sigh. Such a stressful life, right?

The annoying thing is that I don’t have anything else to read at the moment. I’ve been meaning to raid the school library, but I’ve been avoiding it because all bar one of those librarians are scary. Possibly stalkers. They’re the only people in the entire school that actually sit in front of their computer and watch people on the cameras. Eeeeek.

Also, Goodreads says I’m 8% ahead of my goal of reading 150 books this year. That’s a blood promisenifty tool.

Grrr. it’s only 23:00, and I have no book to read. This is a dire situation. I don’t feel like watching a movie. I could go for a healthy GTA session. Run down innocent bystanders, drive motorcycle passengers off a cliff… that sort of thing.

(Hey, am I in the mood to play GTA because Niko Bellic is Russian? So is Dimitri in Vampy Academy? How’s that for psycho analysis?)




Vampire Academy. Wow.

Why have I not read Vampire Academy before?
Because of my high expectations created by hype from a series being shattered, maybe?

I just finished Vampire Academy. I definitely want to buy it. I already own the last book, so really. Though that means that I have the temptation to skip books 2,3,4 and go straight to Last Sacrifice.

I really want the next book. Now.

When I first began reading it, I thought the POV would switch from Rose to Lissa. It’s just kind of expected, for the one with the talent to be the main character. (It reminds me of Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder. Not with the story, just with how the side character is the protagonist. Then again, I still haven’t read the Poison Study trilogy, so that’s just how it came across to me. )

So, the next time I’m out, I am definitely buying the rest of the Vampire Academy series.

It’s possibly because of the Russian Dimitri, or how Rose is such a smart arse, so akin to my own personality. It could be how Rose didn’t always do the right thing. I also liked how vampires aren’t a huge thing, and the kind of sub-species of vampire.

I really do love this series. It’s going to be hard not to skip to the last book.


In other news, during my shopping expedition, I saw Angel – James Patterson out. I didn’t get it. I think the series has gone on a bit too long. There is a limit of how far the story can stretch. I might borrow it from the library. Only if it’s already there – I’m not going to reserve it.

I also bought City of Fallen Angels. Just to fast track the library queue. I’m still 6th in that, so now that I own the book, it better be worth me buying it. The cover really annoys me – the model for Clary, her eyes piss me off because they look so fake.

Also, I don’t understand why for my birthday, christmas, any gift exchanging holiday, people buy me books. Most of them I don’t like. I’m really not one for classics, so owning the entire Jane Austen works doesn’t really do anything for me.
I would much prefer if their intent is to get me books, to give me a voucher. Just saying.

Okay, there’s my ranting for the day.
And darn, it’s only 2200, how am I going to spend the rest of my night?
Watching Beauty and the Beast is the answer.
Wow, I am in a really lovey-dovey mood.